Wednesday, May 20, 2009


He arrived on our shores on a sunny and balmy Tuesday afternoon and the Jamaican-American Reggae superstar, Orville Richard Burrell better known by his stage name “Shaggy” has promised to put together a stimulating show for the Botswana masses, especially the womenfolk.
The man who headlines the ‘Urban Legends’ music spectacular on Thursday organized by Orange and WesSide Entertainment, and supported by The Voice and Yarona FM is a Grammy-nominated Reggae/Dancehall singer who takes his nickname from Scooby-Doo’s companion- a nickname given to him by his friends because his name bore a similarity to the Scooby-Doo character.
Rudeboy Necta attended the Reggae troubadour’s press conference at Gaborone Sun on Wednesday afternoon, where Burrell stated that the name Shaggy is a reference to his then hairstyle.
The man, who is especially notable for his distinctive sub-baritone voice said he was deeply honoured to be in Botswana, adding that the country is without a doubt Africa’s best kept secret.
‘Being my first time here, I’m deeply grateful to be in such a peaceful and tranquil place. I’ve been to many places in Africa and this is by far my favourite. What I’ve seen so far reminds me of Jamaica,’ said Shaggy to a roaring applause of the local scribes.
The bachelor Reggae megastar, who has fathered three kids with two different women said in an exclusive interview that he was into music not because of luck, but simply because he was good at it.
He acknowledged his time in the military- saying the latter prepared him to be good in what he’s currently doing (music).
Asked to explain what he meant when he said he was going to simulate as many women in Botswana as possible, Shaggy said, when he does music, he caters only for the ladies.
‘My music speaks to women. I would appreciate it if women could sit in the forefront at my show simply because they’re sexy. I don’t want any man shaking my hand. Women are the perfect things ever made by God. I’m happy to say that Botswana women although curvaceous, are very beautiful. The type we Jamaican men prefer.’
Quizzed whether he fancied doing a collaboration with any of the local acts, Shaggy said he had no objections whatsoever.
‘I never collaborate with big acts. The only big collaboration I’ve done was with Janet Jackson. I normally like to work with talented and unknown acts. I’m up for it and I will just be waiting for anyone with a great idea to approach me.’
On a lighter note, Shaggy enjoys any dish with fish and noted that he drives a Bentley GT convertible (his favourite among other cars).
As a parting shot, Shaggy said he will only retire from music when he reaches a point of boredom.
His HIV/AIDS message reads: practice safe sex all the time.

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